Bruce WillisFunny, clever - but very useful - post over at John August's screenwriting blog. August is the screenwriter of such movies as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Titan A.E., Big Fish, Charlie's Angels, and Corpse Bride, and his screenwriting blog is one of the best sites for aspiring and veteran writers (for the big screen or the little one).

In this post, August talks about watching a recent episode of Lost where one of the characters climbed through an air vent to escape a locked room. August is sick of this plot device:

"I've lived a fairly adventurous life. I've travelled to five continents. But the only time I've seen the inside of an air duct is television and movies, when a character -- generally the hero -- has to be clever enough (and small enough) to climb through a convenientally-accessible air duct ... be it action-adventure, comedy, or horror, the air duct has become the hack screenwriter's go-to passageway."

He's right, of course. Just relying on memory and not checking the web, I can think of several movies where the air vent is a main plot device: the first Mission: Impossible, the first Die Hard, and on television, every other episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Though it was pretty funny in Top Secret!
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