Few filmmakers will ever undergo what Deepa Mehta went through to see Water, the last film of her elemental trilogy, to fruition. After raising the ire of Hindu fundamentalists with her films Fire (about two sisters-in-law in loveless marriages who embark on a lesbian relationship) and Earth (about the uneasy relationship between India and Pakistan), Mehta initially set out to film Water in India. The Uttar Pradesh government initially provided security for the film, but following violent protests and repeated death threats against Mehta, the government pulled its support, on the grounds it could not ensure Mehta's safety. Years later, Mehta made a fresh start under a veil of secrecy in neighboring Sri Lanka, filming under the fake title of Full Moon, with a new cast and with no publicity, in order to minimize conflict. When a director goes through all that to make a film, one hopes the end result will be startlingly good, and Water, fortunately, does not disappoint.


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