Lindsay Lohan's grand plan to become the queen of the indies took another step towards fulfillment recently when she signed on to star in Speechless, an independent romantic comedy that will be her seventh film in a row made outside of the major studios. (Freaky Friday was apparently longer ago than we think. Which is sad, because it was cute, and she was adorable in it. How things change.)

In Speechless, which is about the zillionth Cyrano de Bergerac variation to be made into a movie, Lohan will star opposite Halle Berry-attacker Adrien Brody. Brody will play a shy man who, in order to find the nerve to speak at his friends wedding, "turns to a service that allows someone [else] -- played by Lohan -- to speak through him." Wait, what does that mean? Though Variety doesn't elaborate, and The Guided Man -- the sci-fi short story on which the movie is based (aside from Cyrano, I mean) -- is from the 1950s and seems to be out print, other summaries of the film mention "new technology," so it appears as if it's set at least a little bit into the future.

Brian Dannelly will direct, and the film is expected to start shooting later this year for a 2007 release.
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