No, not the classic metal song: The classic comic book. As part of Marvel Comics' on-going attempts to make more movie money off of its stable of characters, it's developing many of its properties for the silver screen. Focusing on Tony Stark, a billionaire arms merchant who develops -- and wears -- a high-tech power armor suit loaded with weaponry to stop villainy, Iron Man's been a Marvel workhorse since 1963. Previous announcements of the property had Nick Cassavetes attached to direct (my joke was that with one of the classic Iron Man long-term plots being Tony Stark's battle with alcoholism, I'd rather see John Cassavetes' interpretation of the character ... a joke that will be funny only to a infinitesimally small Venn diagram made of comic book geeks and indie move fans, but whatever). Now, though, it seems that John Favreau is on-board. After Zathura, Favreau might just have the experience with special effects a film like this is going to require ... or is it just another step away from Swingers-era independence?
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