This disease-of-the-week chick flick sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but All About Love effortlessly sucked me in, working its hypnotic spell with shiny, lovely little trinkets and gorgeous hearts.

It begins with a torrent of exposition, which would ordinarily be enough to send me running away. Ko (Andy Lau) works in a hospital; his hot up-and-coming status keeps him busy all the time, as his higher-ups keep dragging him into important meetings. Lucky for him, his impossibly adorable new wife, Zi-qing (pop singer Charlene Choi), always forgives him (she jokingly keeps a running tally of cancelled dinners). With a fresh driver's license, she comes to pick him up from work, but when he cancels on her once again, she shrugs and turns right around. Unfortunately, she dies in a car crash on the way home.

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