As Karina reported in her write-up of Tribeca's opening press conference, the festival fancies itself a burgeoning film market, and hopes to expand and raise the profile of that lesser-know aspect in the future. Co-founder Jane Rosenthal, then, must have been thrilled last night when the news broke of the festival's first sale. Backstage, a French film that Karina described as "good, campy fun" in her review (its makers prefer to characterize the film's emotions as being of "near-operatic intensity" rather than campy -- you gotta admit, though, there's a fine damn line between the two), was picked up for American distribution by indie company Strand Distributing shortly after making its American debut in a Tribeca press screening. The film "stars Emmanuelle Seigner as a pop idol whose life is turned upside down when a young, obsessed fan played by Islid Le Besco invades her life," and has two remaining public screenings at Tribeca before it heads to the west coast for festivals in San Francisco and Seattle. Strand is yet to announce a domestic release date for the film.