Even with its three main stars bailing on the franchise as if it were infected with a career-ending disease, The Dukes of Hazzard will indeed be returning ... to a much smaller screen. However, instead of a traditional sequel, it appears as if they're going with a prequel for their sequel. Yee-haw!  According to Cinema Blend, the casting notice for the film also lists it as "straight to DVD."

So, will we find them Duke boys strutting around in diapers? Almost. The plot for the film is said to focus on the boys as teenagers, while we follow them through their first wild confrontations with Boss Hogg. There's something in there about Uncle Jesse and the origins of Daisy's dukes but, in the end, does anyone really care what this movie will be about? As Martha stated previously, Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott, Burt Reynolds and Jessica Simpson will have nothing to do with the prequel. Such a shame, seeing as the first one was just so entertaining. Oh well, perhaps Jessica wants to move onto bigger and better things. Either that, or she's just swapping out the Dukes for a bathing suit.

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