Marvel is on the move, although their two priority projects right now (at least, according to IGN) don't belong to the fabled new "war chest" of Marvel films. Paramount will be nabbing the newly assigned Iron Man while Universal gets a Hulk sequel. However, action is starting to happen on a few other films as well, and the writing assignments go as follows:

  • Hollywood Reporter confirms the crazy news (also first coming out of IGN) of Edgar Wright (yes, the Shaun of the Dead guy) will be writing and directing Ant Man.
  • Zak Penn has started scriptwork on Hulk 2.
  • Marvel hopes to make Captain America the next major focus after Hulk 2 and Iron Man.
  • Mark Protosevich will be scripting Thor, and hopes to create a Tales of Asgard sort of film. Awesome.
  • Andrew Marlowe is working on the Nick Fury script.
It seems as though it is a good time to be an Avenger, doesn't it? A fair amount of these assignments were already known-ish through rumor, but it sure is fun to look at them all in the same place and get excited about the upcoming geek-stravaganza in American cinema. It is a good time to be a comic book nerd.
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