Not for nothing, but a part of me is really looking forward to Tonight, He Comes. If I were a superhero who crash-landed in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (Tonight's basic premise), the first problem I would solve is all that damn traffic on the Belt Parkway. If you don't live in Brooklyn nor know what the Belt Parkway is, then we can trade places any day. Seriously, give me a call -- most likely I'll be stuck somewhere around exit 14.

The film, which will star Will Smith as said superhero, now has another director attached in Gabrielle Muccino. The two recently wrapped shooting together on The Pursuit of Happyness for Columbia Pictures who, coincidentally, is also putting out Tonight, He Comes. This will mark the third director for Tonight after Michael Mann ( who is also producing with Akiva Goldsman) dropped out to film Miami Vice. Afterward, it was rumored that Jonathan Mostow stepped up to the plate, though we're not sure why he's now been replaced by Muccino and is no longer in the picture. Pic will follow an under-appreciated superhero who winds up in Brooklyn after suffering through a mid-life crisis. Right now, the studio is creeping towards an early 2007 production start, while Muccino's Happyness hits theaters on December 15.

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