Rather fascinating review of RV by Grady Hendrix over at Slate. Hendrix doesn't have much to say about it (calling it a "disaster"), but the way that Hendrix describes the movie makes it seem like there's something truly unexpected going on with the film and that it's more than just a loopy, gross-out family comedy:

"Faces, disfigured with boredom, gaze dully out over blasted landscapes. Septic hoses drip fecal matter onto the body of a middle-aged man. The sun blasts an anonymous , flat landscape interrupted only by rundown bars and empty campsites. Welcome to the world of RV ... its bleak dissection of middle-class angst and emotional depth is guaranteed to shock audiences, some of whom might even cry."

Wow, I had no desire whatsoever to see this movie (Robin Williams hasn't been funny in a long, long time), but this actually makes me want to see it. Well, maybe on DVD later this year.