The San Francisco International Film Festival -- or Sfiffffff, as it's spit in a flurry of fricatives down at the speech-therapy clinic -- is still continuing up until the 4th, with plenty of good stuff yet to see -- including Factotum and Half Nelson on Sunday. Great coverage is at the Bay Guardian, the Weekly and the always-fun SFist.

United 93 is also getting a certain amount of local coverage -- the flight was bound for San Francisco -- and the reviews run the gamut, from Mick LaSalle at the Chronicle to Cheryl Eddy at the SFBG.

On the Rep scene this weekend, the Red Vic has We Jam Econo, the Minutemen Documentary; the Balboa continues their engagement of the excellent I Am a Sex Addict, and the Clay's Midnight screening is Rushmore.

Last night, Ed Harris was honored by the SFIFF; I hope to god nobody brought up The Rock,

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