Yes, Hulk 2 is on the move. As part of the upcoming slew of Marvel films slated to hit the silver screen in the coming years, Hulk has apparently been granted a sequel -- and despite being handled by Paramount, it isn't covered by the recent financial arrangements people are referring to as Marvel's "war chest," which makes it a riskier film for Marvel financially. The second Hulk film will attempt to remedy what Marvel insiders see as the major reason for failure in the first: People wanted a popcorn action flick with lots of "Hulk Smash!" and were given a study in anger instead. This time, Hulk will be an out and out hero complete with a love story and plenty of fighting.

And oh, what a baddie he is slated to fight, according to Marvel guru Arad. The choice? Abomination! Yes, Hulk will be going toe to toe with another crazy, thousand pound monster.* Personally, I'm very excited for this film, but I hope Marvel can keep it together financially for the next few years. They aren't really a large enough company to absorb too many flops.

*Yes, comic book nerds, I am aware neither of them are technically 1000 pounds. Hulk is 1040 (unless you are talking gray Hulk, and really, who talks gray Hulk?) and Abomination 980.  Close enough.
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