Now that it's been announced Sofia Coppola'sMarie-Antoinette will screen at Cannes, a new international trailer for the film has popped up online. While some of the same footage from the first teaser remains, as well as another dose of indie rock in the background, this new version features dialogue and, well, a little bit of nudity; although it's a very quick shot, be aware that Kirsten Dunst does flash her fanny.

Based on Antonia Fraser's biography, Marie-Antoinette will tell the Queen's tragic tale, from her early years as an Austrian princess, through her marriage to Louis XVI. Then, from what I understand of the story, something really bad happens to her in the end. But, just in case you don't know, I won't tell you how she whispers in Bill Murray's ear and then walks off into the sunset. Wait ... wrong film. I'm pushing for Coppola's version to entertain, though I really have my doubts about Dunst. Even in the brief snippets of dialogue featured here, I found myself wincing in agony. With just a few weeks before it surfaces across the Atlantic, my fingers are crossed that a better trailer shows up soon.