"Idiot." "Birdbrain." "Cretin." A mother's terms of endearment for her young son. A little unorthodox maybe, but these are Germans we're talking about, so you have to make allowances. Twenty-something Silvija (Chulpan Khamatova, from Goodbye Lenin!) and her young son Ozren (Stanislav Lisnic) are actually as close as a mother and son could be. He is a natural-born mama's boy, who wets the bed and then immediately confesses, in order to get her attention. She is a single mother who keeps Ozren on a meticulous schedule, dragging him out of bed every morning and marching him off to school with a determined, no-nonsense attitude. At night, she puts on garters and hose, makeup, and a giant mink coat before heading off to her "waitressing" job, as she calls it. This routine goes on for years with only the occasional, easily-deflected question from Ozren. By the time he reaches his teens, however, he has become acutely aware that the whispered taunts from his schoolmates are grounded in fact. He is a hurensohn -- a whore's son.