Captured from French television, the first Casino Royale teaser is now roaming the internet in all of its cold, flinty glory. But before I go into that, a caveat: Timothy Dalton is my favorite Bond. I realize that, in some circles, this means that I'm completely insane, but I love the darker, nasty Bond who's more pissed-off than anything else, and often a little too busy dealing with his rage issues to seduce every lady who wanders by. So, you've been warned -- read the following with my Bond-leanings in mind.

People, this teaser is fantastic. The opening is shot in gorgeous black and white, and the whole thing reminds me more of the best no-nonsense, 70s action flicks than it does most of the Bond franchise. And, while he's never going to much resembled the Bond of our collective memory, Daniel Craig looks, well, amazing (that's Bond-like, right?), and commands the hell out of the few, tantalizing scenes we glimpse. I know it's just a teaser, and that the movie could still be horrifically bad and everything, but damn. This thing has me looking forward to the movie for the first time -- go check it out, and let us know what you think.

[via Solace in Cinema]