Over on Slither's MySpace page (What, you don't have one of your own? All the cool movies are on MySpace these days, loser.), director James Gunn has unveiled the massive list of extras that will be part of the forthcoming DVD of the film. Listed among them is a commentary track from Gunn and star (and, according to the commenters on Scott's review of the movie, budding megastar) Nathan Fillion, a gag reel, deleted scenes, and a naughty-sounding impromptu roast of Fillion from the wrap party, something that he graciously has allowed to see the light of day.

Unfortunately for all you fans, Gunn's giant list didn't include a release date. If the list is this firm and detailed, though, the DVD must be coming sooner than later -- start checking your etailers for the preorder page.

[via Movies Online]
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