Lately, it seems Hollywood has a little thing for the prequel. Call it a crush. Call it an obsession. Call it annoying. Regardless, this new prequel trend does not appear to be leaving us anytime soon.

Mind you, not just any Tom, Dick and Larry (Is there a Jane in there too?) gets a prequel. There are certain prerequisite a film must obtain in order to qualify. First, the original (or multiple films that came before it) had to carry a certain level of "suckness" to require the kind of shake-up only a prequel can provide. In the case of an established franchise (ie: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street), the prequel is to only come after every single idea in the book has been used and abused. Finally, if the original film did moderately well at the box office, had a ton of its main actors bail on a sequel and still has people itching for another installment, then a prequel might be the only route to take (ie: The Dukes of Hazzard).

Perhaps this sudden surge in prequels is good for Hollywood. Maybe it will help revitalize tired franchises and help provide a new spin to the stuff that's out there now. Or maybe the prequel is just a warning sign, one of those "Caution: Sinking Ship Ahead" kinds of signs. (Note: I've never witnessed such a "Sinking Ship" sign, but perhaps we should add one to most trailers?)

So, today's poll question comes in two parts: A) Is this whole prequel thing a good or bad thing for Hollywood and the future of the original idea? B) Which films do you feel could benefit from a prequel?