Today we get an update on another remake of a really, really old movie -- the original was made way back in 1981. Warner Brothers announced their plans to remake the cult classic, Clash of the Titans, in 2002, when writers were hired to re-do the film. But either that script didn't happen or it's been discarded, because they've just signed relative newcomer Travis Beacham (he wrote a film that's in post-production, and another that's been announced, but nothing has yet been released) to do the job. According to Beacham, his version of the story will adhere to the same basic plot as the original, but in "darker" and "more realistic" ways.

More realistic?! Wouldn't that sort of ruin everything? People love Clash of the Titansbecause it's cheesy, and because the stop-motion effects, though great for the time, are so dated! Remaking it realistically totally misses the point -- who the hell wants to see the story told with fancy CGI and some good actor who's not Harry Hamlin?
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