Attention, everyone: Sarah Jessica Parker is once again going to try to climb out of that "Sweet, Funny, and a Little Sexy" pigeonhole she inhabits in Hollywood. This time the vehicle is a thriller called Vacancy, in which she is negotiating to star alongside Luke Wilson (AKA Wilson #1, a ranking based entirely on my personal preferences within the family). In the movie, SJP and Wilson play a husband and wife who, upon checking into a hotel that is monitored by secret hidden cameras, become the unwitting stars of a snuff film. I think I speak for everyone when I say "YIKES."

The story sounds sort of like a high-tech version of Crawlspace (a movie that I saw only part of, and by accident, but which permanently scarred me because the chick without a tongue's name was Martha), or a more violent Sliver, doesn't it? Though Vacancy is still director-less, Screen Gems plans to have it in production this fall.
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