Holy demented awesomeness, people -- Michel Gondry's newest script is clearly the product of a very warped mind, but it's a mind for which we need to give thanks every single freaking day. Entitled Be Kind Rewind, the movie is about a man who has horrible headaches, a malady that is somehow related to the fact that his brain has become magnetized. Well of course it has! But, because this is Gondry, the madness doesn't stop there. Magnet Brain (his name is really Jerry, but I prefer to call him MB), you see, has a best friend who owns a video store, and when MB walks in with his huge, magnetic head, he erases all of the tapes in the place. With me so far? Just wait, it gets better. The video store really only has one faithful customer, "an elderly lady with signs of dementia," and in an effort to avoid letting her down, MB and his friend RECREATE THE MOVIES THAT HAVE BEEN ERASED. I mean, the greatness of this idea is almost beyond comprehension, particularly when you learn that none other than Jack Black will be playing our man MB, and that among the movies they remake are Rush Hour, Lion King, and Robocop. Holy. Crap. Screw Snakes on a Plane, man -- I'm waiting for this!
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