When Erik Childress over at eFilmCritic.com prepares a new "CriticWatch" feature, as he does on a regular basis, well, it"s like Christmas comes early for movie lovers. Well, happy holidays, because Childress has prepared a scathing report on the first part of 2006. Not content to merely go after obvious targets like Earl Dittman (what is Wireless Magazine, anyhow?) and Jeffrey Lyons, Childress also has an eye on up-and-coming contenders in the stable of "critics" who, it seems, will give a rave to the film on your frickin" teeth -- like Maxim"s Peter Hammond (pictured at right) and Shawn Edwards of Fox"s Kansas City affiliate WDAF. Chock full of number-crunching, great research and the dedicated sifting through dead cliches we"ve come to expect from Childress and the CriticWatch crew, it"s the must-read of the week. Are there any egregious offenders you especially hate, readers -- or do you actually care about the credentials of the people whose bold-faced praise flies out of every TV commercial and print ad?