Bruce Willis wants to return to the dark world of Sin City-- and I'm sure all we fans want it as well. While promoting the Hollywood's latest rag-tag group of CGI animals-flick Over the Hedge(in which he voices a raccoon named R.J.) Willis mentioned his desire for another team up with co-directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. The problem? Well, his character (Hartigan) doesn't exist in the next film. There's more than one Sin City sequel on the way, however; and it remains quite likely, according to Willis, that one of the upcoming films may include a prequel to Hartigan's story from the first film. Willis certainly hopes so, anyway. And so do I.

One of the many, many things done right in the first Sin City film which allowed the story to translate to the silver screen despite the doubts of many was the excellent casting. Bruce, like most of his fellow actors, nailed his part perfectly and would be a welcome return should Miller and Rodriguez ever decide to include such a story.
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