I was starting to get a little concerned about Terrence Howard -- after weeks of practically daily casting announcements, we haven't heard about a new project for him in more than a month. Thanks to today's Variety, though, which reports that he's in talks to costar with Richard Gere (and possibly Topher Grace, whose name has also been linked with the project) in Spring Break in Bosnia, we can all breathe again. Thank goodness.

The movie actually sounds potentially entertaining -- it's based on a completely hair-brained scheme hatched by a trio of American journalists (including Sebastian Junger, author of A Perfect Storm) to capture a Bosnian war criminal. Not surprisingly, things didn't work out quite as planned, and the three ended up being mistaken for a CIA hit squad. Oops. The screenplay for the film, which is being billed as a "comic drama" was written by The Matador's Richard Shepard, based on an article about the adventure that Scott Anderson (one of the three journalists) wrote for Esquire.
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