If you've been a follower of Marvel comics for any length of time you are quite aware of Marvel's love of storyline crossovers. Sometimes this means a character or two showing up in someone else's book (like Wolverine, who seems to appear in every Marvel title written these days) and sometimes it means a whole new book focusing on a crossover team-up such as the current "Cable and Deadpool" series. Some crossovers are established firmly in the Marvel world -- characters such as the Silver Surfer and Namor (for incredibly obvious reasons) are regularly seen running through the pages of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine (that's the Fantastic Four, for the comic illiterate among us). So my question is, how long until we get some crossover action in our comic book movies?

A problem with the crossover potential of Marvel comic films is the movie licensing rights to the characters which have been granted to several different studios. The Incredible Hulk, for instance, is with Universal; X-Men and the Fantastic Fourgo with Fox; Spider-Man is famously tied to Sony (as is Ghost Rider, if memory serves); andThe Punisher belongs to Lion's Gate. However, this does not spell death to any potential cross-over action thanks to the large deal currently inked between Marvel and Paramount. Paramount has quite a number of Marvel flicks in the works right now -- meaning a good collection of the Marvel pantheon will all fall happily under the same umbrella.