The high powered marketing arms of major film studios LOVE the marketing appeal of comic book movies. I mean let's face it -- these superheroes sell like nobody's business to both the coveted kid market and the older geek/nostalgia markets. It seems as though anything can be used to market superheroes, from Pez dispensers to underoos -- and the latest round of comic flicks has proved to be no exception. As they draw ever closer to the theater releases, hopeful blockbusters X3 and Superman Returns have increased their marketing barrage. Today's products? 7-11's famous slurpee's will be sporting a sexy new X-Men look with four double character 22 oz cups which you can view here. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel has moved into the realm of breakfast foods, currently teaming up with Quaker Oats for a "Find Superman" promotion. You can read all the details (and get free game codes!) at the official site.

Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before we're being offered official Marvel or DC brand oxygen to breathe ... and I'd feel undeniably compelled to breathe it, too.
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