A year ago, rumors were certain the X-Men franchise would extend for several more flicks if box office profits remained strong. Several months ago Ratner and company declared X3 to be the final installment for the franchise. Within a few weeks other people were insisting it was merely the last movie for this current story arc, and not the end of the franchise as a whole. This general bickering and disagreement has continued, with the only certainties seeming to be the spin-off films. Even then, there's much debate over what these films will turn out to be (Wolverine and Magneto are known, at least).

Director Brett Ratner has again forcefully insisted his film will be the final one. "There's no way they're going to make another X-Men. This is, like, the end of it; hence the title The Last Stand." Several people (most notably Professor X himself) have suggested this may be a clever ploy to drive up ticket sales -- but Ratner insists he's genuine.
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