Just when I thought Hollywood was ignoring my non-stop phone calls and pretending as if the gigantic cardboard signs I created didn't exist, word gets out that, finally, someone is remaking Revenge of the Nerds. How long were you gonna wait Hollywood? Huh? How long were you going to make us suffer?

Kyle Newman, director of the upcoming Fanboys flick, has been tapped to direct. Seems like the perfect fit to me. Who better to direct a film about nerds then a fanboy himself (or, well, someone who is directing a film about fanboys). Newman will be teaming back up with Adam F. Goldberg, who also worked on Fanboys and is currently rewriting this new Nerds film. Now, I assume the pic will be along the same lines as the classic 1984 original, however I imagine it will take place in the present and, if we're lucky, Lindsay Lohan will play one of the head sorority girls. Oooh, my fingers are so crossed!

So, help me cast the new Revenge of the Nerds. Shall we add Justin Timberlake to the list? With so many hot young actors, will it even be possible to find the right nerds?

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