Say it ain't so, Tom? In referring to the planned Magnum, P.I. movie, Tom Selleck told the press he wouldn't have anything to do with it, dashing all hopes the actor would at least make a cameo of some sort. Not only did he reject the idea, but he went as far as to call the it "stupid."  Say what? Stupid? C'mon Tom, what could be stupid about taking a hit television show from the 80's and updating it to create an amazing film?

Ever since the Magnum movie was announced, everyone from George Clooney to Vince Vaughn have been rumored to be competing for the lead role. Sure, this was exciting news for people like Martha who absolutely adore Mr. Clooney and wish he could be cloned so that the actor would have the chance to appear in thousands of films each year, however, the rest of us were really hoping the original P.I. would show up at some point, say something cool and convince us our money was well spent. Well, according to Tom Selleck, we were all extremely stupid for thinking that. You now have my permission to begin pounding your head against the wall.

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