There I was, all geeked out and goofy from the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer, when I decided to see if there were any other new trailers posted at Apple Quicktime ... and boy was there!

Click right here to see the brand-spankin'-new trailer for Superman Returns, which features all sorts of superheroics, a wonderfully bald (and angry) Kevin Spacey, and the amazingly beautiful sounds of John Williams' old-school Super-score. (Plus there's some chuckles to be had, which is nice.)

Superman Returns, which stars Spacey, Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane), Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen), Frank Langella (Perry White), Eva Marie Saint (Ma Kent), Parker Posey (Kitty Kowalski?) and newcomer Brandon Routh as the steel-man, shwooops into theaters on June 30th. (And it comes from the grown-up kid who directed the first two X-Mens, which is all the positive buzz I need.)
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