Over at the Guardian Unlimited, there's a new piece detailing what Time Out's new book 1,000 Films that Changed Your Life calls the ten most controversial films of all time.  It's an interesting list -- although, as with any list of this type, the omissions are as noteworthy as the inclusions. No Clockwork Orange? Huh? The full list is recreated below, but the question is whether you think there's anything that Time Out has missed ... or, for that matter, whether you've ever been able to see Salò, as the Criterion DVD has been out-of-print so long it's like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

1 Salò (1975) Pier Paolo Pasolini
2 Natural Born Killers (1994) Oliver Stone
3 Crash (1996) David Cronenberg
4 The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) Martin Scorsese
5 The Devils (1971) Ken Russell
6 Pretty Baby (1977) Louis Malle
7 Birth of a Nation (1915) DW Griffith
8 Straw Dogs (1971) Sam Peckinpah
9 Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) Terry Jones
10 Bandit Queen (1994) Shekhar Kapur
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