I was so caught up in The Loved One yesterday that I didn't notice it was Glenn Ford's 90th birthday. The actor has been leading a very private life since his last films in 1991. He was supposed to appear at a retrospective of his films Monday night, but his poor health may have prevented a public appearance.

The above photo is a publicity still for the 1946 film Gilda, one of five movies from 1940 to 1965 that starred both Ford and Rita Hayworth. This film noir is the best-known and probably the best of their films together. Ford is working in a casino when his boss walks in one night newly married to Hayworth, and it turns out that Ford and Hayworth have ... A Past. The film is currently available on DVD. If you're my age and the first movie in which you ever saw Glenn Ford was Superman (as Jonathan Kent), you might want to rent Gilda and watch Ford as a young, handsome leading man. If you want to know more about Ford, Classic Hollywood Bios has posted a good interview from 1990 along with a number of photos.
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