Joe Swanberg, the driving force behind Kissing on the Mouth and LOL, basically doesn't sleep. Even as he follows both of his features around the country on the festival circuit, he's somehow found the time to write, direct, produce and star in Young American Bodies, one of the initial offerings of's just-launched Nerve Video portal. Bodies is a lot like Kissing -- in that it's basically concerned with the sex lives of a gaggle of self-absorbed 20-somethings -- but snappier, soapier, and chopped up into time-release capsules for easy consumption. Of the three episodes currently available, my favorite is the second, Ben's Night Out, in which the sudsier elements really start to take off. It doesn't seem to be enabled yet, but soon you'll be able to vote for your favorites right on Nerve. So go forth and check them out. Actually, maybe wait a couple of hours -- it's definitely not safe for work.
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