Take a deep breath before you read this one, Trekkies, because it is a doozy. According to an inside tipster who spoke with the folks over at Cinescape, Ben Affleck may be in consideration for a role in the upcoming Trek film -- possibly even the role of Captain Kirk (although rumors still argue over Kirk's existence in a new film). The tipster is currently a crew guy on Gone Baby Gone, Affleck's major motion picture directorial debut, and he was quick to cover his thoughts by saying "this isn't gospel, this isn't even confirmed....it's merely speculation on our behalf, but some pretty SOLID speculation from some solid sources." The word on the street apparently says Ben is in talks to return to the character of Jack Ryan, and after that may be moving into the Trek verse as the lead character -- be it Kirk or elsewise.

If I'm being perfectly honest, I sort of enjoy Ben Affleck and his ridiculous, hammy acting. I can even see how some execs might consider him a fit for the part as hammy is a pretty classic Trek trait. However,  everything inside me just revolts at the thought of him behind the bridge of a Federation starship. Personally, I'd rather see a "newcomer" sort cast in the lead role. Anyone have any clever suggestions for unknown-ish actors who might fit the bill?
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