First Ghost Riderwas being produced; then it wasn't. Next Ghost Rider had a rumored cast; then it didn't. Ghost Rider finally got a cast, got produced, and was coming to theaters this summer; then it didn't. Speculation on why ran rampant, mostly centered around the idea that Paramount was less than impressed with their creation and was getting cold feet. Whatever the reason, Ghost Rider got pulled back from its original release date -- but a new date is now official, and it will coincide with a video game title as well. Marvel fans are now looking at a February date for the Nick Cage superhero vehicle, and will be able to rush home from the theater to re-enact what they saw on their PS2, PSP or GBA.

I'll admit I've got some real fears about the quality of the Ghost Rider film, but I can really get behind the idea of a video game. When done well, a good superhero action game is among my favorite sort to play. Now we just wait to find out if it follows in the outstanding footsteps of X-Men Legends and Spider-Man or the rather less impressive path took by The Punisher and The Fantastic Four games.