You wouldn't have expected the rather terrible remake When a Stranger Calls to kick-start too many careers, but don't mention that to screenwriter Jake Wade Wall, a youthful scribe whose current to-do list includes no less than three more remakes and/or sequels.

According to a conversation Mr. Wall had with Moviehole, he's already hard at work on A) a ninth sequel to Halloween, B) a remake of the classic Rutger Hauer flick The Hitcher, and C) a sequel to his Stranger remake. As far as something unique is concerned, Jake's pretty pumped about his Amusement project, which he deems "an original" ... right before it's described as "similar in set-up to Creepshow."

Frankly I'm always torn on the issue of Horror Remakes, because for every one that works (The Fly, Willard, The Thing, The Hills Have Eyes, Dawn of the Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), there are (House on Haunted Hill) plenty (Psycho) more (House of Wax) that (Village of the Damned) pretty (13 Ghosts) much (The Amityville Horror) stink (The Fog) on (The Haunting) ice. And yes, Simon West's When a Stranger Calls falls into the latter group, even if Jake Wade Wall nailed the original flick right on the head when he said "C’mon, It was really only the first ten minutes of the original, that was scary. The rest was terrible."

Here's hoping JWW finds enough success to escape from the remake/sequel basement. Heck, James Gunn followed up his Dawn of the Dead remake with Slither, so there's certainly hope for Jake, too. Meanwhile, the remake parade continues unabated: Keep your eyes peeled for new versions of The Omen, The Wicker Man, Black Christmas, and Piranha.
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