The news recently broke naming Jon Favreau as director of Marvel's upcoming Iron Man flick. Iron Man is a very popular character, and fans (particularly the True Believers among us) have been greatly looking forward to Tony Stark's movie debut. These two elements combined mean there will be a strong possibility to disappoint with a mediocre flick -- much like the comic community's response to the Fantastic Four movie. We want our heroes to be treated right when they translate to the silver screen. Most of us aren't fanatics about story and canon; we've delighted in Spider-Man and X-Men films despite obvious departures from the comics' scripts. We just want enough accuracy to make it feel like our precious Marvel comics.

Jon Favreau seems to be acutely aware of this desire, as he has already created a MySpace community dedicated to getting fan input scant days after his directorial control was announced. The site is up and running, and Favreau is currently querying fans for suggestions in casting the lead role. Will he actually pay any attention to what the fans have to say over the coming months? I don't know, but I really think he might. And anything like this which brings the director closer to the desires of the community is a good first step in my book.
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