After the re-release of Chicken Little in 3-D proved big bucks for Disney at the box office, the studio is now gearing up to send Tim Burton'sThe Nightmare Before Christmas down the same path. This Halloween, Jack Skellington and company will be returning to the big screen just in time for all you ghoulish fans out there to dust off those vintage 1993 Nightmare-related costumes and wait in line ... for a long, long time.

No word yet on how the 3-D glasses will be designed for the film's run, though execs suggested that they will be weird, wacky and collectible. Disney became the first studio to jump on the Halloween season with their 3-D re-release, as Warner Bros. has already pitched a tent around the Christmas holiday with a 3-D version of The Polar Express. Ooohh, maybe Terrence Malick will release a 3-D version of The New World just in time for Thanksgiving? Or not.

Now, pardon me if I sound like someone who resides in and around the Boston area, but this whole thing sounds wicked cool! I didn't get to see what Chicken Little looked like in 3-D, but people I know were pretty impressed. Sure, I'm not a fan of the glasses (The only thing that should be touching me inside a movie theater is popcorn and/or an assortment of delicious candy), but I am a big fan of Nightmare and would love to see it up on the big screen again. Count me so in for this one.


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