Remember a few weeks ago, when Randy Quaidfiled suit against Focus Features, trying to get paid $10 million more for his clearly brilliant, pivotal performance in Brokeback Mountain? He alleged that the studio fed him a sob story about how little money they had, and so he generously agreed to appear in the movie for $12.24 (an approximate figure) -- but evil Focus knew they were going to make boatloads of money on the movie, and were deliberately ripping him off! At least, that's what Randy thinks. Yesterday, though, he dropped his suit, proclaiming that the studio had seen the light, and generously agreed to pay him a bonus. That's sweet, right? Sure, except Focus says they didn't do it. According to their statement, "Focus Features never negotiated, offered or agreed to any settlement agreement with Mr. Quaid or his attorneys." Oh reeeeeally?

Randy, when you realize you've filed a completely absurd lawsuit and decide to drop the thing, it might be best to do it on the sly and slink away quietly, rather than crowing about a victory that didn't happen. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing studios don't really like to hire unpredictable, litigious, sketchy actors. (At least when they're not named Tom Cruise.)
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