Remember those wacky Red Sonja rumors from a few months back? They've been confirmed, and official dates are being set as Millennium Films gears up to join the comic book movie revolution and bring us a Red Sonja film. Early information says the film will be given a budget in excess of $25 million -- nothing like a Spider-Man or Superman to be sure, but not too shabby given the company and property  -- and (naturally) plans to build on the recent, highly popular Red Sonja comic run by Dynamite Entertainment.

For those of you who might not know, Red Sonja is part of the Conan the Barbarian pantheon created by famed fantasy guru Robert Howard. If this movie sounds familiar to you and you can't figure out why, its probably because a Red Sonja film has already happened in the mid-eighties during the Arnold-as-Conan era. Let's all pray this one is nothing like it.
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