Why did Robert Rodriguez quit Grindhouse? The latest rumor on the block says its because the man is (finally) interested in making action happen on his movie adaptation of the comic Madman. Rodriguez has possessed movie rights to the property since the dawn of time (or at least the late nineties), and periodically rumors begin to circulate about him getting behind the camera for a Madman flick. These rumors surface every year or so, and thus far have always proven false -- but they are back again, this time with the help of Madman's comic creator Mike Allred. Allred recently mentioned to a large convention crowd that Rodriguez is set to start filming this very month, and that he (Allred) himself has been busily at work on "hundreds of storyboards."

Exciting news? Yes. I, like most comic geeks, love the Madman property and have been eagerly awaiting the film since it first entered the rumor realm several years ago. Rodriguez's success with Sin City gave his comic book credentials real legitimacy, and it has been said he plans on doing the co-director deal with Allred just like he did with Miller. We can only hope the union will prove as glorious.
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