One of my favorite film sites, Box Office Mojo, doesn't overwhelm the reader with flashy graphics or gossip: Just good, old fashioned, home-made number crunching and reportage. And this week's numbers serve as a pretty clear indicator of how much Hollywood economics are changed by DVD. Of the Top Ten DVD Rentals in Box Office Mojo's chart, 5 are in their first week of release, which isn't surprising. What is surprising is that when you compare first-week rental revenue to total box office for those five, you realize that Match Point, in it's first week of release, has made 21% of its total box office in rental revenue ... and that's the lowest percentage in the bunch. Top renter Aeon Flux's first week rental revenues equal 29% of it's box office; Tristan and Isolde is next at 34%; Casanova is next at 39% ... and Shopgirl's first-week revenue alone equals 43% of its total theatrical box office. We all know DVD is a financial powerhouse, but these numbers bring that cold, hard reality home ... and one that has Hollywood thinking hard about what happens next. Will we see more and more straight-to-DVD films with A-list names? Or is the promotion and publicity and prestige of a financial release still worth the expense?
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