We just told you about Jon Favreau starting up a MySpace community for his upcoming Iron Man project. Apparently the guy is really excited about the film, because he doesn't seem to stop talking about it (a good thing, in my book). He recently shared his thoughts on the character with ifMagazine, and the guy honestly seems to know something about the character, which is positive. He said it should be a bit easier setting the film in a "realistic" world because unlike some Marvel films, Iron Man largely created his own powers though smarts and science, instead of manifesting mutant abilities. He also said the "geopolitical factors" in the story make it a bit of a tightrope to walk, but he is confident in his ability to keep it safely a comic book movie without turning it into an issues movie.  And he's excited for the costume, because he plans on using the original build early in the film and progressing to a fancier one later in the film.

Fav might have gotten a bit carried away when he called Iron Man "the most true to life comic book in the Marvel universe," but I'm still glad the guy is excited and energetic about the film. More than many other Marvel films I desperately want this one to be good.
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