I have friends who were so upset over the fact that George Lucas never released the original versions of the first three Star Wars films on DVD that they, literally, have purchased the new juiced-up editions and burned them during some sort of weird, Ewok-type ceremony. While I attempt to convince said friends that the additions Mr. Lucas has made are good for the series because, back then, technology did not allow him to create what was really in his head, they laugh at me. They mock my stupidity with lines like, "Dude, he added all that new crap just so he can release them in theaters and produce 50 different versions on DVD. Plain and simple -- he did it for the money."

So, friends, it is with great enthusiasm that I inform you of the latest fantastic developments. The realStar Wars, as seen in the theaters, along with the real Empire Strikes Back and the real Return of the Jedi are finally coming to DVD. For a very limited time only (September 12th through December 31st), you will be able to buy two-disc sets of each film. One disc will include the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie (a/k/a The one that sucks!), while the other features the original theatrical version.

Personally, I'd love for them to release all three original versions on the big screen again, if only for a couple weeks. However, I know this has to be wonderful news for so many die-hard Star Wars fans out there. And, according to Lucasfilm and FOX, the only reason they're releasing these versions is because of the overwhelming demand shelled out by you fans. Yet, I'm sure most of you will still complain. And so it goes.