I think it has been at least a week since I've written about popular geek kingpin Joss Whedon; I'd almost started to worry for the man's health -- after all, he's usually showing up in eight or so places at once. Whedon's top project right now is of course the silver screen adaptation of Wonder Woman, and as of a month or so ago we heard from the man himself his first draft of a script was finished and packaged. Then we heard nothing, which is quite unusual for the high-energy Whedon and his typically fantastic relationship with his fans.

Whedon recently checked in with Sci Fi Wire for a progress update, and the news seems to be good. His first draft has returned to him from the producers, and he is working on revisions so he can send the script along to the studio. He also suggested an announcement about the expected time frame for the film could likely come later this year, but noted the script was taking him longer than most projects typically do. His explanation? "Not all of them are my incredible incompetence. But some of them are. But the script is coming together in a way that's actually even surprising me, so I'm pretty excited. So we'll just have to wait." Whedon is also still holding out on his thoughts for a leading lady and other cast members, no doubt because it is still incredibly early in the process. This means our crazy free-for-all rumor mill can continue unabated by legitimate voices for a some time yet -- Hooray!
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