The Onion AV Club weighs in on a crop of 2006 summer movie previews (and finds them mostly wanting), but Patrick Goldstein at the LA Timesgoes to a select group for his summer predictions: the Summer Movie Posse, consisting of a group of ten high school kids from San Fernando High, a largely Latino school in the Valley. The Posse dissected 13 movie previews from the summer's youth-oriented films, and if they're an accurate barometer (last year's panel had five hits in their top six picks), Will Ferrell's Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby will fare best. Some of the Posse's panelists already sound like weary media professionals; witness Markar Aghajanian, 15, on Superman Returns : "My problem is that there have been so many Superman stories that it's hard to imagine this one being very interesting. Just leave the old movies alone."
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