Superhero Hype recently landed an interview with talented X-Men star Ian McKellen (he plays the villain Magneto, if you somehow are unaware). The entire interview is worth the read, but the really interesting tidbit to come out of it was McKellen's suggestion for an actor to play a younger Magneto in the announced spin-off film -- himself! That's right, Ian would love the part and thinks he might be able to pull it off. He explained himself by telling SHH about an upcoming scene in The Last Stand wherein he and Patrick Stewart portray their characters 25 years younger, through the magic of  "airbrushing for the moving picture." McKellen said they can "bring out your shoulders, change the color or shape of your hair, and remove every wrinkle." Ergo, according the McKellen, if he can keep himself looking lithe and sounding young he could fill the title role for a Magneto film.

I don't know if the technology used for the scene McKellen described is quite up to handling a full length major action picture. But if it is, I say go for it! Like most anyone with good taste I love McKellen's work and I think it'd be amazing to see him stay with the role. Somehow I doubt that's what will happen, however. And McKellen or not, I'm definitely looking forward to the spin-off film.
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