It's not too often you get to hear a filmmaker rave about how gruesome his next project is going to be ... but most filmmakers aren't as joyously gore-soaked as Cabin Fever / Hostel-maker Eli Roth.

Having just finished reading Stephen King's Cell (like, three hours ago), my mind now turns to: What's the movie going to be like? Seems that young Master Roth has been thinking about the same thing: "I want to make it really, really, really sick," Eli told Sci-Fi Wire, "Just full-on sick. But I also want to try to make it a worldwide event. Like, I don't want to see it just happening in one little town. I really want to see people going crazy all over the world and just see the end of civilization."

Interesting. King's novel never does go into the international (or even national) chaos that must occur when a cell-phone-borne insta-virus turns more than half the planet's population into homicidal lunatic semi-zombies. In the hands of a different director, such deviations from source material might be a red flag ... but Roth's two-for-two so far, so I'm giving the kid the benefit of the doubt. But Hostel 2 comes first, so it looks like we might be waiting a little while.
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