More than six months ago, I rather gleefully reported that Rush Hour 3 was a go, with stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker secured (for huge, huge piles of money) for the sequel's sequel, along with director Brett Ratner. Back then, though, the deals had been signed but the movie had not yet be officially approved by New Line, something that had to be done this week, or not at all. By greenlighting the movie yesterday, the studio locked itself in to paying its three principals, whether the movie is made or not (mmm ... pay or play contracts).

Installment three is reportedly set in Paris, and will feature our lovable, mismatched duo facing off against a French triad branch (why they're going to France to fight Hong Kong gangsters is beyond me -- maybe it's easier to shoot "France" in Vancouver, or something). The movie, which is expected to cost "in the low nine-figures," is still targeting a release in mid-2007.

And now, your random fact of the day: The only movies Tucker has done in the last eight years? Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. You gotta respect a guy who, after the horror of his own performance in The Fifth Element, has refused to futher humiliate himself for cash, at least when Jackie Chan isn't around.
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