Star Wars fans the world over have been unable to decide how to feel about the pending creation of a Star Wars TV series. Sure, Star Wars is well beloved, but the new trilogy created some ... shall we say doubt ... about George Lucas' script writing abilities these days. However, the general improvement from Ep 1 to Ep 3 was encouraging, and the tantalizing prospect of more Star Wars keeps hope alive in the hearts of many a fan. Well Lucas and company are giving you plenty of time to deal with these feelings, as recent comments by producer Rick McCallum suggested recently there's still a LOT of work to be done before the show becomes a reality. Script writers haven't even been hired yet, despite announcements some time ago about interviews. As for the story itself, Rick's actual quote was "George is starting to start the basic concept of it." Boy, that's encouraging. Rick denied rumors of the new series focusing around members of the Skywalker clan, but did say "think bounty hunter. That's all I can tell you."

Okay seriously, what the heck is with the crazy bounter hunter and Boba Fett fetish (Boba Fettish?) among Star Wars fans? Dude was in a few moments of the original trilogy and got killed* by a blind guy. How a man that inept turned into a the greatest bounty hunter of all time in the collective minds' of SW fans I'll surely never understand. Don't get me wrong, fans, I think he's a fun character -- I just can't figure out why. It must've been the animated segment from The Holiday Special ...

*Don't give me any of that "Sarlaac was unable to digest his armor" nonsense either. That's one of my least favorite elements of the Extended Universe. He's dead, and he got dead by being unlucky and clumsy. End of story. Yes, I know Lucas considered adding a fan service scene showing his survival when he recently remade the movie, but his original script and story had Fett dying. And really ... which Lucas do you want to listen to; the one who created the original trilogy, or the one who created Jar Jar?
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