Disclaimer: This news comes to us via the A.V. Club, but their major source of information here seems to be IMDB, so consider it nothing more than rumor for now. IMDB is a great source in its own way, but not particularly reliable on early cast/crew news.

So the revolving Door of Directors for Harry Potter is turning yet again. Yes, film five is still in production, but who is going to let something like that stop us from discussing the directorial control of film six? Already a Half Blood Prince director is floating around -- a name which has long been attached to Potter speculation, as it has been reported he's the guy Rowlings has wanted all along. That's right friends, Monty Python's own Terry Gilliam is back in the mix, at least according the IMDB.

I'm a big fan of Terry Gilliam, and a big fan of Potter, but I haven't yet decided how I think the two will mix. If the guy had been in charge since the beginning I'd probably be more comfortable with it, but Gilliam has a very distinctive style which really doesn't quite match up with what's been done so far. Nontheless I'd like to see him try; everyone else has, after all.
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